Working Groups


Following the elections of Chairman and Executive Board in 2013, certain structural changes were implemented.

In 2013, expertise commissions were established gradually in order to ensure efficient and effective implementation of activities in natural gas distribution sector.

Above-mentioned commissions were established with the participations of qualified, competent representatives of our distributions companies. The goals were to ensure highest participation of our companies, and to build structures to support our activities.

Commissions meet on a monthly basis, or sooner, depending on their agenda items. The conclusions of commissions are shared particularly with our Board of Executives, then disseminated to distribution companies through commission members.

Commissions also represent GAZBIR before EMRA, the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (MENR), and other public agencies and institutions; and present sectoral expectations and suggestions on certain matters.

Commission structures and activities were fully developed during current activity period; and the commissions are expected to assume a more effective role in representing our sector over the next period.


GAZBIR Transport Control Centres and Electronic Bulletin Board Commission

A study was conducted with a view to eliminate issues in instant data transfer between the Transport Control Centres of natural gas distribution companies and the Electronic Bulletin Boards belonging to BOTAŞ. The responsibilities imposed upon our distribution companies by EMRA were evaluated by the Commission, and the requirements deemed not possible were contested to EMRA and BOTAŞ. The intense efforts of the Commission achieved a high level of improvement in ensuring instant data transfer between distribution companies and Electronic Bulletin Boards, and provided a 99% success level in data transfer.


GAZBIR Legislation Commission

The aim of the commission is to formulate draft proposals regarding identification and elimination of challenges in the implementation of current natural gas market legislation. The commission also aims to ensure any requirements for new implementation methods identified by distribution companies in their fields to be shared with the rest of the companies to establish an implementation unity.


GAZBIR Tariffs Commission

The initial tariff period, determined by EMRA, covers the period between 2012 and 2016. Various recent challenges were identified by distribution companies who received tariffs during this period; and the employed tariff methodology resulted in numerous issues. GAZBIR Tariffs Commission aims not only to identify any flaws or challenges caused by the implementation of current methodology, but also to eliminate these during the tariff period.

The Commission also works on the second tariff period that will be valid between 2017 and 2022. In cooperation with the EMRA Department of Tariffs, detailed analysis and assessments are carried out. A statistics expert, employed within GAZBIR, supports the project and makes the necessary calculations.


GAZBIR Nationalisation Commission

Expansion investments, and network extensions and investment processes in current distribution areas to be implemented in 222 counties between the years 2017 and 2020 are successfully ongoing.

Distribution companies may run into conflicts with various public institutions during these efforts.

Therefore, the GAZBIR Nationalisation Commission was founded to carry out nationalisation processes within GAZBIR, to evaluate and to rapidly eliminate any arising issues, to offer solutions, and to act immediately before concerned public institutions and agencies.


GAZBIR Technical Commissions

There are numerous ongoing efforts towards quality enhancement in system, product, service and workforce. They cooperate with concerned institutions and NGOs, including EMRA, with the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, Universities, Vocational Qualifications Authority, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation, Turkish Standards Institute, The Association of Natural Gas Equipment Manufacturers and Businessmen (DOSIDER), Turkish White Goods Manufacturers' Association (TÜRKBESD), Natural Gas Association (DODER), Chimney Producers And Installers Association (BACADER). These committees also take part in SAYKOM, GAZTEK, BASTEK and Turkish Standards Institute, and Natural Gas and Equipments committees.