GAZMER was founded in 2008 as the commercial enterprise and Technical Centre of GAZBIR with a view to consolidate Training, Certification, Inspection, R&D and technical developments in the natural gas distribution sector.

As for its mission, GAZMER took example from the German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water (DVGW), a semi-legal entity and a highly successful organisation on a sectoral-basis.

The fundamental goal is to establish a safe natural gas market of increased quality in system, product and workforce.

To Develop a High Quality Workforce;

· Within the scope of the protocol signed with the Vocational Qualifications Authority (VQA), the “Natural Gas Vocational Standards” on 11 components were formulated, and published in the Official Gazette in 2009 before any other sectors. Subsequently, vocational qualifications were defined for the sector.

· In 2010, GAZMER became the first and only company in energy sector that merited benefiting from EU funds that aim to strengthen the infrastructure of the Vocational Qualifications Authority. At project finalisation, GAZBIR-GAZMER Natural Gas Vocational Examination and Certification Centre (Voc-Test Centre) was successfully established.

· In 2012, GAZMER was accredited within the scope of TS EN ISO 17024.

· In 2012, GAZMER was entitled as “Authorised Examination and Certification Institution” by the Vocational Qualifications Authority.

· Infrastructure for technical trainings was established; and in 3 years time, prioritising the staff of distribution companies and fire department, over 10,000 men/day were trained.

· Numerous employment projects were implemented, and a majority of people involved in the project were successfully employed.

· As of 2011, the “ME-471 Natural Gas Application” course at the Faculty of Engineering in Marmara University is offered by GAZMER.

To Enhance Product Safety;

· We conduct active co-operations within the scope of our memberships to MTC-105 Mirror Committee, GAZTEK, BASTEK and SAYKOM within the scope of Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) and the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology.

· With a view to ensure product safety, in accordance with our regulation, the certification control procedures conducted repetitively by distribution companies were consolidated as the “Certification Monitoring System”. The system currently comprises technical details of all products used in gas sector in Turkey, and it currently possesses the largest inventory.

· Through periodic meetings with the Ministry, TSE and producers, development and changes in national and international standards are adapted into the sector.

R&D Activities;

· Product and system based research aim to achieve more efficient use of natural gas. We conducted the EU-funded “OPTIGAS2” project in cooperation with institutions including Bremen University and Cardinal College.

· We cooperated with Japanese Gas Unions regarding interior pipeline designs using flexible connection systems; and implemented the design in 45 provinces as an alternative piping model.

To Ensure System Safety;

· Technical committees discuss technical issues included in legislation.

· We organise workshops on current issues; and organise events with concerned institutions and agencies to facilitate knowledge and technology transfer.

· We work on “Common Interior Pipelines and Technical Specifications for Industrial Plants” for distribution sector.

· We initiated a project to set out common technical specifications for investment materials.

· We verify accurate measurements through our ÖLÇÜBİR membership and calibration units. We formulate measurement tendency reports based on reports of gauge calibration works.

GAZMER currently employs 85 voluntary personnel, most of who are engineers, and are employed in commissions of experts of 17 professional and GAZBIR-member distribution companies. GAZBIR-GAZMER aims to achieve a higher success in near future by establishing a strategy and international relations department.