Our Activities

While GAZBIR is still a growing organisation, it has been striving to offer solutions to the challenges in rapidly developing Natural Gas Distribution Sector in Turkey, and to contribute to market development, all the while not neglecting its institutionalisation efforts.

Our primary goal as GAZBIR is to facilitate legislative revisions, and we have been cooperating with concerned agencies and institutions to determine the required revisions, and to improve implementation challenges. Furthermore, we are endeavouring inter-member knowledge and communication exchange, and if necessary, we establish working groups to study in further detail certain challenges.

Our other activities include sector-briefing initiatives; monitoring of national and international natural gas sectors; monitoring of European Union natural gas markets so as to facilitate the integration of Turkish natural gas market into European markets; and evaluation of various cooperation opportunities with other sectoral associations and actors.

On the other hand, the Natural Gas and Energy Training Certification Inspection and Technological Service Co, Ltd. (GAZMER) was founded within GAZBIR as a hub to meet the demands in training, research and development, laboratory requirements, and common technological needs in natural gas sector as well as in all other energy sectors; and with a view to distinguish and to certify high-quality from low-quality, and successful from unsuccessful, and to offer all subsequent services independently and impartially.

With a view to obtain resources and support for our activities, and thus to facilitate and accelerate the achievement of our goals and targets, GAZBIR became a member to International Gas Union, active in Europe and around the world, to Eurogas, and to TOBB.