Chairman’s Message

Natural Gas Distribution Sector in Turkey has enjoyed an increasing success since 2002 through numerous investments and client-oriented service approach. Today, natural gas distribution companies strive to provide our citizens in 81 provinces with the luxury of natural gas.

The environment-friendliness of natural gas contributes in optimising urban air quality to a habitable level. Furthermore, natural gas provision in cities decreases emigration, increasing instead immigration levels. Processing of natural gas prompts industrial facilities, creating employment opportunities along the run. It is within this context that we support the scaling out of natural gas use in our country given the positive contributions of it has in our national energy, economy, environment and health policies.

As the umbrella organisation of national natural gas distribution sector, we, the Natural Gas Distribution Companies Association of Turkey (GAZBIR), strive to keep consumers informed of sectoral developments, and to ensure utmost safety and efficiency in the luxury natural gas offers to our consumers.

The Natural Gas Distribution Companies Association of Turkey, representing the natural gas distribution sector that constitutes a significant portion of national energy sector, will continue to merit its share of responsibilities for a better future for our country.


Kind regards,

GAZBIR Chairman of the Executive Board