About us

Natural Gas Distribution Companies Association of Turkey (GAZBIR) is a non-governmental organisation functioning as an umbrella organisation for natural gas distribution companies operating across Turkey. Granted the permission to use the word “Turkey” in its title, GAZBIR has been operating as a public benefit association since 2004. All members of GAZBIR hold legal personality status.

While GAZBIR aspires to contribute in the advancement and development of our country by facilitating the improvement of natural gas market, its fundamental functions include surveying the developments in the intra-city natural gas distribution sector; facilitating coordination between distribution companies; and acting with public and private sectors to enhance service quality for natural gas users.

The commercial enterprise and Technical Centre of GAZBIR, the Natural Gas and Energy Training Certification Inspection and Technological Service Co, Ltd. (GAZMER), accredited by Vocational Qualifications Authority (VQA) and Turkish Accreditation Agency, operates to meet the demands in training, research and development, laboratory requirements, and common technological needs.

Additionally, GAZBIR is a member of EUROGAS and International Gas Union, active in natural gas sector not only in Europe, but all around the world. On a national level, GAZBIR is a part of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB).